Takahito Miyake, PhD

Postdoctoral Fellow
Kirichok Lab

Distinct Mechanism of Cysteine Oxidation-Dependent Activation and Cold Sensitization of Human Transient Receptor Potential Ankyrin 1 Channel by High and Low Oxaliplatin.

Frontiers in physiology

Miyake T, Nakamura S, Meng Z, Hamano S, Inoue K, Numata T, Takahashi N, Nagayasu K, Shirakawa H, Mori Y, Nakagawa T, Kaneko S

Tremor dominant Kyoto (Trdk) rats carry a missense mutation in the gene encoding the SK2 subunit of small-conductance Ca(2+)-activated K(+) channel.

Brain research

Kuramoto T, Yokoe M, Kunisawa N, Ohashi K, Miyake T, Higuchi Y, Yoshimi K, Mashimo T, Tanaka M, Kuwamura M, Kaneko S, Shimizu S, Serikawa T, Ohno Y

Sphingosine-1-phosphate induces Ca2+ signaling and CXCL1 release via TRPC6 channel in astrocytes.


Shirakawa H, Katsumoto R, Iida S, Miyake T, Higuchi T, Nagashima T, Nagayasu K, Nakagawa T, Kaneko S

Cold sensitivity of TRPA1 is unveiled by the prolyl hydroxylation blockade-induced sensitization to ROS.

Nature communications

Miyake T, Nakamura S, Zhao M, So K, Inoue K, Numata T, Takahashi N, Shirakawa H, Mori Y, Nakagawa T, Kaneko S

Hypoxia-induced sensitisation of TRPA1 in painful dysesthesia evoked by transient hindlimb ischemia/reperfusion in mice.

Scientific reports

So K, Tei Y, Zhao M, Miyake T, Hiyama H, Shirakawa H, Imai S, Mori Y, Nakagawa T, Matsubara K, Kaneko S

Reactive oxygen species signaling in the regulation of microglial functions - TRP channel-mediated novel mechanisms of microglial activation.

Nihon yakurigaku zasshi. Folia pharmacologica Japonica

Miyake T, Shirakawa H, Nakagawa T, Kaneko S

Pharmacological characterization of standard analgesics on oxaliplatin-induced acute cold hypersensitivity in mice.

Journal of pharmacological sciences

Zhao M, Nakamura S, Miyake T, So K, Shirakawa H, Tokuyama S, Narita M, Nakagawa T, Kaneko S

TRPM2 contributes to LPS/IFN?-induced production of nitric oxide via the p38/JNK pathway in microglia.

Biochemical and biophysical research communications

Miyake T, Shirakawa H, Kusano A, Sakimoto S, Konno M, Nakagawa T, Mori Y, Kaneko S

Transient receptor potential canonical 3 inhibitor Pyr3 improves outcomes and attenuates astrogliosis after intracerebral hemorrhage in mice.


Munakata M, Shirakawa H, Nagayasu K, Miyanohara J, Miyake T, Nakagawa T, Katsuki H, Kaneko S

Stimulation of transient receptor potential vanilloid 4 channel suppresses abnormal activation of microglia induced by lipopolysaccharide.


Konno M, Shirakawa H, Iida S, Sakimoto S, Matsutani I, Miyake T, Kageyama K, Nakagawa T, Shibasaki K, Kaneko S

Calumin, a Ca²?-binding protein on the endoplasmic reticulum, alters the ion permeability of Ca²? release-activated Ca²? (CRAC) channels.

Biochemical and biophysical research communications

Konno M, Shirakawa H, Miyake T, Sakimoto S, Nakagawa T, Kaneko S